Family Club

    31.05.21 within the framework of the family club, a consultation was held for parents on the topic “The role of the family in the formation of a healthy lifestyle of the younger generation”. The purpose of the event was to form a stable motivation among parents to preserve and strengthen their health and the health of their children.

     For this communication with parents, the psychologist of the Kostanay regional Center of Mental Health Bisimbayeva G. A. Gulsum Aitzhanovna was invited to share her experience in the preventive work of drug addiction formation in minors. She gave recommendations on identifying the involvement of adolescents in drug addiction.

     The psychologist of the college Kozhevina Sh. Sh. continued the discussion of the topic of the family club, telling parents about the value of forming a healthy lifestyle, about a conscious attitude to their health.

     At the end of the event, parents shared their experience in forming a value attitude to the health of their children. Parents were given recommendations about the impact of energy drinks and e-cigarettes on the body of the younger generation.


  1. Parents need to know with whom the child spends time, to know his environment.
  2. Teach the teenager self-organization, self-control, the ability to set goals in life and achieve them, to recognize the danger of changing behavior to a more protective one.
  3. Learn how to plan your day.
  4. Teach him to get a result that he could be proud of.
  5. Talk openly with your child about bad habits, about the impact on the growing body.
  6. Help your child feel good about themselves.
  7. Be a good role model or example
  8. Help your child cope with peer pressure
  9. Encourage healthy, creative activity
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