Meeting of the students self-government council

On April 7, 2021, a regular meeting of the students self-government council was held at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College.

The purpose of the event was the formation of an active civic position, attracting students to active participation in the life of the college.

At the meeting of the student government council, the following issues were highlighted:

  1. Results of group participation in events in March (Viskup Artem, student of group M-8)
  2. Discussion and preparation of events dedicated to the college anniversary, Victory Day. (Anastasia Starkova, leader of students self-government.)

Viskup Artem in his speech acquainted the students with the rating of the groups, the results of the groups’ participation in the events in March. The most active groups are M-8, TП-27, TЗ-26, TП-24, ЭМ-6, TП-21, TЗ-22, ЭС-13, ТЗ-25, TП-28, УЭБ-2, ХП-19, ХП-20,ХП-20, Э-12, ЭС-17, ЭС-18, ЭБ-16, ЭМ-7.

Anastasia Starkova, the leader of student self-government, spoke on the second issue, she introduced the students to the history of the college. The concert program for the festive concert dedicated to the anniversary of the college was discussed. During the discussion, it was decided to include the groups TЗ-25, TЗ-26 in the vocal choir. To celebrate the Great Victory Day, hold a charity event “Thank you, grandfather, for the victory”

Information was prepared by Murzagaliyeva D.S. Inspector of Youth Affairs

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