Active vocational guidance in schools of Kostanay region

To date, the importance of career guidance work among school leavers is significantly increasing.

On April 16, teachers S.Zh. Ibrayeva, E.T. Rizhenko, M.K. Sagumbayev, L.Kh. Akhmadiyeva carried out active career guidance work in schools in Kostanay district.

The following were covered by: State Institution “Michurinskaya Secondary School,” KSU “Sadchikovskaya Secondary School,” KSU “Altynsarinsky Secondary School,” KSU “Sadovaya General Education School,” KSU “Konstantinovskaya Basic Secondary School.”

Teachers provided information about specialties, as well as admission conditions, showed image videos and presentations, distributed information booklets. For each specialty, a description, form and term of study are given. The teachers talked about the achievements and prospects of the college’s development and its material base.

The graduates were interested, actively talked, and asked questions. They were also interested in the topic of student life: sections and clubs.

Information prepared by a foreign language teacher: L.Kh. Akhmadiyeva

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