Professional tests

Professional tests are designed to promote a conscious, informed choice of a profession and are aimed at developing professionally significant qualities and pre-professional competencies, helping students in building a specific personal vocational educational route and adjusting professional intentions regarding subsequent vocational training.

17/03/2021 – as part of the career guidance decade “Profi – start in science. The world of professions ” professional tests were conducted on the basis of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College in full-time format. 50 schoolchildren who are already interested in choosing a profession came to find out more about a profession.

Pupils of 9 grades of schools in the city of Kostanay No. 4,9,11 had a unique opportunity – to participate in professional tests in the specialties “Power supply”, “Computing equipment and software (by type)”, “Bakery, pasta and confectionery production”, “Standardization , metrology and certification (by industry) “,” Accounting and audit (by industry) “,” Elevator, flour, cereal and feed production “,” Engineering technology “.

 Teachers of special disciplines conducted master classes for schoolchildren, gave them the opportunity to assemble the power supply circuit themselves and check its performance, to check the strength of the elements of mechanical systems, to carry out laboratory analysis, readings of the control and measuring devices of the elevator, flour-grinding, cereal and feed production, to draw up budget plans of the organization, work with number systems, ciphers and codes, take part in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products.

 Future applicants were happy to try themselves in their future profession.

 The information was prepared by the teacher-organizer A.V. Pushkareva.

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