“I am proud of the profession I have chosen!”

on February 26, a curatorial hour with first-year students from group EМ-6, specialty 0910000 “Electrical and electromechanical equipment, on the topic “I am proud of the profession I have chosen  – electrician!” was held remotely at Zoom platform.  The profession of an electrician is one of the most popular and highly paid professions.

The guest of the curatorial hour was Umarov Bulat Kamalbekovich, a leading engineer of “Kostanay Temirzhol-su” LLP, who told what students do in their industrial practice, what are  the responsibilities of an electrician. It includes the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, electrical machines, electric starting equipment, electrical networks, lighting equipment, inspection and testing of electromagnet mountings, limit switches, control buttons, local lighting fittings, repair of locks and blocking of opening of doors of niches with electrical equipment; repair and replacement of electric motors; checking the insulation of electric motors and much more.

The meeting provided an opportunity for students to learn about many aspects of their activities from a representative of a potential employer. Bulat Kamalbekovich emphasized the importance of theoretical knowledge of such subjects as physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanics, drawing, professional modules and noted that the specialty of an electrician presupposes logical thinking, a technical mindset, good fine motor skills, and sharp eyesight. An electrician must have such qualities as attentiveness, ability to work in a team, perseverance, dedication, accuracy, responsibility, confidence, decisiveness, since such job involves working with high voltage or electrical appliances, diligence and organization.

The curatorial hour was held in the form of an intellectual game. The students were givfen questions in five areas: signs warning of danger; polyglot – knowledge of professional terms in the Kazakh and English; physics; professional module PM-02 and historical facts, since not only the future of a student himself, but also of the country will largely depend on creative business activity and professionalism. Comprehensive answers were given to all questions. The chosen form of organization of educational activities was quite effective. At the end of the event, a reflection was held through google forms, where the students noted that they were engaged in the lesson, they liked the tasks which were useful for their self-education.

Such events help to solve educational, developmental and educational goals of training, contribute to the development of general cultural and professional competencies, students gain experience in conducting a discussion, gain new knowledge, strengthen the ties of theoretical and practical training; students’ cognitive interest and professional thinking are developing, interest in their specialty and its social significance is increasing.



Curator of the group Bondareva N.L.

Master of industrial training Stepanenko D.V.

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