Thematic lesson “Love is the basis of life”

Within the framework of the decade “Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity” in the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College on February 5, a thematic lesson on the topic “Love is the basis of life” was held in group 1ТЗ-25. The contingent of participants is 15 people.

  The purpose of this lesson was to deepen students’ understanding of the role of love in human life and reveal its meaning as a value.

   During the lesson, work was carried out on proverbs and sayings, stories were composed using such keywords as honor, shame, life, thought, truth, pride.

   As a result of work, students expanded their understanding of the meaning and significance of the value “to love and do good deeds for the benefit of people” through their own thoughts, assumptions, compilation of reasoning.

   Looking at the example of the life and work of Sarah Alpysovna, students realized the meaning and significance of love and respect for people around them.



The information was prepared by a teacher-psychologist: Temirbek A.B.

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