Parents’ meeting on the topic “Prevention of self-destructive behavior and domestic violence against minors.”

On February 15, online parents’ meeting on the topic “Prevention of self-destructive behavior and domestic violence against minors” for parents of 1-2 courses of electrical and information and economic departments was held at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College.

The purpose of the parent meeting: increasing the level of psychological literacy of the parent community in the prevention of deviant behavior; familiarization with the reasons and prerequisites for deviant behavior of minors; disclosure of the mechanisms of self-destructive behavior and the stages of psychocorrectional work with minors from the “special attention” groups.

  The agenda of the parents’ meeting included the following questions:

  1. The role of the family in maintaining the psychological health of children. Dyusekeeva L.K. , Deputy Director for teaching and educational work.
  2. Prevention of suicidal behavior of minors. Temirbek A.B., teacher-psychologist, Tazhitaeva A.S., social educator of the college.
  3. Prevention of domestic violence against minors. Tazhitaeva A.S., social educator, Onkaeva R.B, inspector of law enforcement

   During the meeting, the speakers introduced parents to the concept of “psychological health”, talked about the role of the family in the formation of psychological health of adolescents, about the main causes and signs of suicidal behavior and the problem of parent-child relationships.

  Also, topics such as the prevention of sexual integrity and the prevention of Internet addiction and cyberbullying were covered, videos on the topic of parent-child relationships were demonstrated. The parents were given the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their relationship with the child.

  In the final part, recommendations were given to parents on how to cultivate respect for the child’s personality and learn to understand his problems, as well as reminders on aspects of family education, prevention of suicidal behavior and sexual integrity of minors.




The information was prepared by Dyusekeeva L.K., deputy director for teaching and educational work

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