Online meeting “In the future with confidence!”

On February 25, 2021, as a part of vocational guidance, teachers of KPHC​ E.N. Tulegenov, D.B. Kusainova​ and L.F.Shakirova organized an online meeting with 9th​ grade students of school No. 23 named after M.Kozybayev. The guys got acquainted with the conditions of admission, specialties for which they prepare in college.
Teachers​ told the students about the importance​ of choosing a profession, familiarized​ the graduates with specialties and the proposed areas of professional training, showed an interesting film about student life at KPHC, told in detail about the rules for admission to college in the current academic year, the conditions of students’ study and about active student life.
Teachers of special disciplines E.N. Tulegenov and D.B. Kusainova revealed to the students the essence and specifics of the specialty 1304000 “Computing and software”, talked about the achievements of the specialty, about the World Skills championship and about its winners.
The guys took with great interest the information about the competitions held for applicants in the social network “Instagram”. The meeting was informative and interesting for the school students.

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