Tobacco smoking prevention

Strengthening and preserving the health of the younger generation is one of the main tasks of modern society.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, on November 10, 2020, an online lecture on the topic “Say no to cigarettes” was held at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College.

The purpose of the event was to inform about the dangers of smoking and to prevent consumption among socialized people.

Chinginina R., coordinator of the anti-tobacco office of the “Polyclinic No. 3”, highlighted the following questions: how not to start smoking, who is a “passive” smoker, about the negative impact of tobacco on the broncho-pulmonary system.

At the end of the event, students were given recommendations: to go in for sports or  physical activity, eat healthy food, observe the daily regime.

Students took an active part, asked questions.



The information was prepared by A.R. Muldagalieva, a medical worker of the college.

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