Competence “Determination of the quality of grain and its processed products”

In the period from September 30 to October 2, 2020, the VI Regional Worldskills Kostanay Championship in the competence “Determination of the quality of grain and its processed products” was held on the basis of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College.

Students of the educational institution of Kostanay region took part in the professional skills competition, as well as college graduates employed in their specialty. Experts of the championship on the above-mentioned competence were teachers from the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College, as well as representatives of such industries as Tobol Agro LLP, Astyk Trade LLP.

The laboratory “Storage and commodity of grain and its processing products”, equipped with modern laboratory equipment, which allows conducting technical laboratory analyzes of grain and finished products at the international level, became the venue for the championship.

The Test Projects were presented in four modules.

Module A involved the definition of mandatory general indicators of grain quality; module B – determination of mandatory and specific indicators of grain quality; module C – ¬Determination of general indicators of flour quality; Module D included the determination of the baking properties of flour. Competition tasks reflected all the subtleties of this competence and assumed the use of modern laboratory equipment and state standards. Independent experts noted that the competition tasks were close to the production ones, and the strict implementation of the Championship program by the competitors allowed assessing the professional competencies of the participants.

The competition documentation for the championship was fully prepared according to the content of the competence, the documentation was completed in a timely manner.

During the execution of the competition tasks, all safety requirements and adherence to the methodology for the Worldskills Kostanay championship were observed. The atmosphere on the jobsite was welcoming. During two days the participants of the competition demonstrated their knowledge and skills at a professional level, confirming their professional competence.

Compatriot experts and independent experts took a very responsible attitude to their mission: monitoring and controlling the progress of the competition tasks, evaluating the participants in the competition according to the score sheet, filling out the necessary documentation. There were no violations, both by the contestants and by the experts.

All stages of the Worldskills Kostanay regional championship were held at a high professional level.

After the end of the championship, under the leadership of the chief expert on competence management Sagandykova Zh.B., a group of experts held a meeting at which the quality of the tender documentation was discussed and proposals were made for its development for the following WSK championships: it is necessary to expand the list of criteria for the most objective assessment of the competitors, including the speed of completing tasks, since the professional skills of a technician-technologist involve assessing the quality of raw materials and finished products quickly, rationally using time.

The team of experts noted the high level of training of the competitors and the following winners were determined by objective assessment:

First place

Second place

Third place

This competition of professional skills contributes to the development and promotion of our competence ” Determination of the quality of grain and its processed products “, and also strengthens the interaction of the college with social partners in the field of the agroindustry complex, which has a positive effect on the further employment of our graduates.





Chief Competency Expert

“Determination of the quality

 of grain and its processed products ”  Sagandykova Zh.B.


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