Action “World Day of Cleanliness”

In the modern era of human existence, a productive solution to vital environmental issues and problems that the world community faces is largely correlated with the success of environmental education and upbringing of the future generation. In this regard, the pedagogical and social aspects of environmental education and upbringing of young people are the main issue in the period of modernization of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On September 19, volunteers of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College, within the framework of the Ashyk Zhurek project of the Zhastar KZ youth movement, took part in the city eco-action dedicated to the World Day of Сleanliness.

The purpose of the event was to foster an active civic position among young people, foster respect for nature.

During the action, volunteers removed the garbage from K. Donenbaeva Street to the waste landfill.

As a result, in three hours of work, the volunteers managed to collect about 8 cubes of garbage.


The information was prepared by the teacher-organizer A. V. Pushkareva.

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