Final certification of students of graduation groups

A number of educational webinars were held at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College to prepare students for passing the final certification.

As part of the training, students practiced skills in setting up equipment, using the “screen sharing” mode, and calculating the time for a report in the course of pre-defense.

The content of the webinars helped relieve students of emotional stress before the upcoming exam or defense of the graduation project.

As part of the “Clean Session” campaign held by the college, students were informed about the absence of any fees, as well as where they could turn for help.

06/16/2020 As part of the final certification, the first exam was successfully conducted in group 3ЭБ-13, specialty 0518000 Accounting and audit (by industry) qualification 0518033 Economist-accountant. Students took the exam both, remotely and on a college basis in small groups.

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