Curatorial hour “Beautiful sounds of music”

“Music, melody, the beauty of musical sounds is an important means of moral and mental education of a person,

source of nobleness of heart and purity of soul”

 V.A. Sukhomlinsky


On June 10, as part of the implementation of the “Рухани жанғыру” action plan, an online curatorial hour “Beautiful sounds of music” took place at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College for students of 1-4 years.

The purpose of the event was the modernization of public consciousness, the preservation and popularization of national traditions and customs, language and music, the development of the musical culture of youth, which is part of the general culture and the key to improving personality.

 During the curatorial hour, students were introduced to the spiritual heritage of the nation: Kazakh musical instruments, great Kazakh composers and singers, such as Kurmangazy, Tattimbet Kazangap-Uly.

Youth Affairs Committee was prepared and posted on social networks a video on the theme “Beautiful sounds of music”.

The information was prepared by the teacher-organizer Pushkareva A.V.

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