Family Day Challenge

From 11/05 to May 14/05 the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College held a challenge on the theme “My Family”, dedicated to Family Day.

The purpose of the event was to disseminate the positive experience of family relations; the formation and development of the young generation of high spiritual, moral, social and personal qualities; creating conditions for forming the image of a modern family, increasing the role and importance of the family.

Challenge participants had to provide photographs, videos on the following topics: “Time for the family”, “Traditions in my family”, telling about the traditions and values ​​of the family.

During the event, college students and teachers shared photos, videos about the traditions and values ​​of their family.

Each family creatively approached this event, opening up for all viewers from different angles: these are sports hobbies, joint reading of books, cooking of favorite dishes and much more.

Challenge was another confirmation that “Family is happiness, love and care …”

Based on the results of the challenge, a congratulatory video was prepared, which was posted on the college’s social networks.

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