Training “We choose a healthy lifestyle”

03/05/2020 – training on the topic: “Prevention of the use of alcohol, smoking mixtures, synthetic drugs and spice” was held in the Kostanay polytechnic higher college.

        The purpose of the event was to deepen students’ perceptions of bad habits; to contribute to the development of a negative attitude to tobacco, alcohol, drugs; to promote a healthy lifestyle.

       During the training, students got acquainted with the consequences of addictions (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction), learned how to resist bad habits. The students were explained the way psychoactive substances affect the human body. Students actively discussed this topic and took part in various exercises. At the end of the training, students gave feedback and expressed their attitude to the use of alcohol, smoking mixtures, synthetic drugs and spice.

The information was prepared by a teacher-psychologist Tulenova V.R.

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