Lecture “Bad habits and their consequences”

 Bad habits and their consequences is a topic that more and more worries our society. The young generation is a high-risk group.

02/27/2020 – According to the plan of educational work, a lecture “Prevention of smoking and the use of psychoactive substances”  was held for the students of 1-3 courses.

The purpose of the event was the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

A meeting with students was conducted by specialists of the Kostanay regional center for the formation of a healthy lifestyle. The lecture was held in a dialogue mode and  students actively asked relevant questions. Specialists of the Healthy Lifestyle Center, Shaimardanova Diana Khaidarovna, Esentaeva Dinara Erlanovna,  spoke about the effects of tobacco products, alcohol and drugs on the body of young people and about the consequences of the use of smoking mixtures (snus, spice, salt, etc.), showing examples from real life. They cited statistics and warned students that smoking is also a kind of addiction, and a cigarette is a drug.

At the end of the meeting, the center’s specialists called on young people to lead a healthy lifestyle and not to succumb to pernicious influence..

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