Forum “We are together”

“Volunteering has become an expression of the highest degree of patriotism, backed up by concrete deeds”

Kasym- Zhomart Tokaev

 On February 26, the volunteers of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College “Kind Hearts” Tusenov Sanat, Ivasheshin Vladislav, as part of the Year of the Volunteer, took part in the Forum of volunteers of Kostanay district students of schools “W are together”.

 The purpose of the event was the popularization of volunteer activities, the education of the patriotic consciousness of the young generation, the formation of an active civic position among young people.

 During the forum, Tusenov Sanat, Ivasheshin Vladislav spoke on the topics “Direction of volunteer activity”, “Mediation is the key to the success of modern society”. Volunteers talked about the volunteer movement, the types of volunteer activities, the areas of volunteer work, and conducted coaching on unity and communication skills.

 At the end of the event, volunteers were awarded letters of thanks for organizing and conducting the forum.

Information was provided by the organizing teacher A. Pushkareva

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