Thematic lesson “Love is the basis of life”

In the framework of the decade “Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity”, an open thematic lesson on the theme “Love is the basis of life” was held at the Kostanai Polytechnic Higher College.

The purpose of this lesson was to expand the understanding of the universal value of “love” as an inexhaustible source of life.

          There were games, trainings, performance of a song, work on a quote and text about Sarah Alpysovna Nazarbayeva during the lesson.

          As a result of the work in the lesson, students expanded their understanding of the meaning and significance of the value of “love” through the selection of independently selected hypotheses, examples, situations, verbal illustrations, assumptions, speculation, compilation of reasoning.

          By the example of the life and work of Sarah Alpysovna, students realized the meaning and significance of selfless love.

Article prepared by: Khusainova A.T.

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