Pedagogy of love and creativity

 As part of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev on February 3, the Kostanai Polytechnic College held a grand opening of the decade of “Self-knowledge” “Pedagogy of love and creativity”.

 Abay Kunanbaev in his Book of Words repeatedly emphasized the importance of training and education: the relationship between labor, moral, mental, aesthetic education; recognition of the leading role of education in the formation of personality. The poet called on young people to learn, to master science in various new professions, and advised them to work honestly, for the good of society. Abay taught young people to find their place in society and to use their knowledge to help people free themselves from ignorance and lawlessness. Abay believed that the basis of everything on earth, including science, is humanity. It, like love, sincerity, justice, is the essence of a human being.

The program “Self-knowledge”, developed by Sarah Alpysovna Nazarbayeva, continues the ideas of Abay Kunabaev. The basic commandments of the subject “Self-knowledge”, formulated by Sarah Alpysova, closely overlap with the words of Abay Kunanbayev.

As Sarah Alpysovna Nazarbayeva said: “The course” Self-knowledge “helps a person find himself, discover the best qualities, without changing himself, maintain his dignity and always remain a person in the full sense of the word.” Self-knowledge is the source of spirituality, morality, conscience, kindness, respect, honesty, duty in the life of every person.

  At the opening of the decade of the subject of “Self-knowledge”, students read poems about love, because love is a manifestation of a person’s nature, interpreted the parable about the island of spiritual values ​​that are the basis of the subject, sang songs about friendship. The opening ended with the general performance of the song “Way of kindness”

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