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02/11/2020, as part of the decade of Philological Disciplines, students and teachers of the Kostanai Polytechnic Higher College took part in the Total Dictation, which was dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev.

In general, 30 people took part in the Total Dictation, among whom were not only students, but also college teachers.

The competition was aimed at identifying the level of Latin alphabet skills among college students and teachers, stimulating interest in self-education and improving literacy and determining frequency errors in written language. The organizers of the total dictation teachers Karkinbaeva G.A. and Muslimova Zh.M. set a goal to popularize the literary heritage of the great Abay Kunanbayev.

According to the results Akhmetzhanova Dinara Kosbekbekovna and Sabitova Zamira Zholdasbekovna won in the nomination “The Most Literate Specialist”, the winners were Akhmetzhanova Dinara Kosbekbekovna and Sabitova Zamira Zholdasbekovna. Diplomas “Expert in Latin spelling and punctuation” were awarded to Baytakov Zhalgas (ЭС-14), Kozhanova Madina (TЗ-20), Fazyl Syrym (ХП-17), Kusainova Alina (TЗ-24), Uzbekov Erkanat (ЭС-14).

We express our gratitude to the participants of the contest and wish them further success!

Information prepared by: Muslimova Zh.M., Karkinbaeva G.A., teachers of Philological disciplines

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