“Abay’s reading” сompetition completed

02/19/2020 in the framework of the decade of the Philological Disciplines, the contest “Abai readings” was held.

             The purpose of the competition: increasing students’ interest in Kazakh culture, language and literature, promoting the spiritual unity of Kazakhs, increasing patriotism through propaganda of Abay’s creativity.

             The competition was held in three categories:

The first nomination “Poem is a king of words” is an expressive reading of the poems of Abai.

The second nomination: “Wise words” expressive reading of Abay’s wise words.

The third nomination: “Songs that wake up the heart is the performance of Abai’s songs.

            According to the terms of the contest, applicants read poems, poetic works and performed songs by Abai Kunanbaev.

According to the results of the competition, the winners were awarded certificates of I, II, III degree, all participants received certificates.

Information prepared by Beisenova Kh.B.

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