A meeting on the theme ” I call to the impulses of the young hearts…”

On February 15, 2020, the public association “Bicycle community“ Kostanay” met with teachers and students of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College, and it was not by chance that it was called with lines from the poem of the great poet, thinker, enlightener Abay Kunanbayev “I call to the impulses of the young hearts…”

 This year marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of Abay Kunanbayev. In his legacy, Abay calls on young people to have an active, informative, intellectual life. All the wise, insightful advice of Abay answer the question what should be a person in his youth, in life in general.

    On this day, college students had a unique opportunity to communicate with successful people of the Kostanay region, who, thanks to their perseverance and strength achieved success in life, art, business or sports. People who believe, like Abay Kunanbayev, that the path to success is manifested in the ability to step forward, not stopping, in spite of failures, without losing enthusiasm. Step by step change and improve.

Students were able to take an active part in the following events: round tables on the topics: “Rukhani Zhangyru – modernization of public consciousness”, “Good production specialist – 50% of the enterprise’s success”, “Courage lessons”. There was a demonstration of a different class of bicycles that take part in sports competitions.

The event brought together members of the cycling community, teachers and college students, was held in close business contact, in the form of an interested exchange of experience, knowledge, the search for business, creative, and friendly ties.

Meeting with successful people made it possible for students to understand the “formula for success”.

The event resulted in the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Public Association “Bicycle Community” Kostanay ” and the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College. Ahead of the members of the “Bicycle Community“ Kostanay ”, college teachers and students are waiting for interesting joint tourist bike rides, cycling festive events, unforgettable meetings with successful and famous people.

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