Mini Biathlon 2020

On January 23, 2020, mini-biathlon competitions were held at the Kostanai Polytechnic Higher College among the first-year students.

The purpose of the event: military-patriotic education of youth, popularization of biathlon in college, identification of gifted students.

 The following groups took part in the competition: СТ-4, ЭС-15, ТП-23, ХП-17,ТП-24, ХП-18,ТЗ-24,УЭБ-1,Э-11,М-8,ЭС-14,ТП-25. The competition program included a relay ski race, where each of the participants had to pass the distance of 2,000 meters (boys) and 1,000 meters (girls) in a classic course, shooting line (air rifle shooting).

Winners among girls:

1st place – Anastasia Gulidova, student of the СТ-4 group

2nd place – Arstangalieva Zhanylsyn, student of the ТЗ-24 group

3rd place – Makhambetova Ainara, student of the group УЭБ-1

Winners among  boys:

1st place – Danil Anishchenko, student of TП-24

2nd place – Mikhalchenko Alexander, student of the M-8 group

3rd place – Ilya Bozhin, student of the ЭС-15 group

 Winners were awarded with diplomas.

Article prepared by: Fatkhudinov R.R.Nurkanov M.K.

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