Language internship in Turkey for specialty 1219000 “Bakery, pasta and confectionery”

In December 2019, representatives of the Caspian Academy paid a visit to the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College. The Caspian Academy Education Center is a university, academy, student assistance center and career and education center, where you can show your potential and gain new knowledge.

Caspian Academy’s chief manager, Diana Kourneeva, spoke about a language internship in Turkey: opportunities and prospects for students of specialty 1219000 “Bakery, pasta and confectionery production” and requirements for participants in a language internship program.

Key requirements of Caspian Academy for program participants:

  • sociability,
  • teamwork
  • punctuality,
  • friendliness,
  • proper behavior,
  • nice and presentable appearance,
  • knowledge of at least one of the foreign languages: Turkish, German or English,
  • work experience and knowledge of other foreign languages ​​is welcome,
  • Age from 18 years


According to the direction of the language internship in Turkey, students over 18 years of specialty 1219000 “Bakery, pasta and confectionery” manufacturing can apply for it.


For more information about the language internship, please call +77750596090 or find us at



Material prepared by: Deputy Director for NMR Kaypbaeva Zh.Sh.

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