Feedback from an international expert of a nonprofit society Senior Expeten Servise (SES) Jurgen Purtz (JUERGEN PURTZ)

The organization of international advanced training courses on the topic “Software and Mobile Application Development for the Android System” at the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College was ideal. I would like express special thanks to the director of the college, Katkenov Kusain Amangeldinovich.

As part of a three-week project, college faculty members took part in developing mobile applications for the Android system using the Android Studio tool. Thanks to the prior knowledge of teachers of other programming languages, they achieved very good results and we completed all the planned educational goals. In addition, BlueJ and App Inventor 2 tools were introduced to showcase Java learning paths and student application development.

Sincerely, Jurgen Purtz, International Expert, Senior Expeten Servise Nonprofit Society

The material was prepared by Deputy Director for Scientific and Methodological Work Kaypbaeva Zh.Sh.

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