Destructive religious organizations: forms and methods of recruitment.

On June 6, a training session was held in the reading room of the college with first-year students on the topic: “Destructive religious organizations: forms and methods of recruitment.”

The purpose of the event was to conduct preventive work in an interactive way to prevent the dissemination of the ideas of destructive religious organizations among the youth.

Disyukov Dias Armanovich, Head of the Analysis and Monitoring Department of the Center for the Study of Religious Problems of the Office for Religious Affairs of the Akimat of Kostanay Region, held a conversation, and the “Flying Squad” from among students of Kostanay State Pedagogical University conducted a training on the topic “Destructive religious organizations: forms and methods of recruitment”. Students of the groups M-7, TП-21 and ЭС-13 participated in the training conversation. In a total there were 80 students.


The information was prepared by the teacher of social sciences,

B.B. Baigentov

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