The danger of Internet resources promoting religious extremism and terrorism.

On May 27, in the reading room of the college a conversation was held with the students of the first and second courses on the theme: “The danger of social networks that promote religious extremism and terrorism.”

The purpose of the event was the formation of a stable life position, which does not allow extremist sentiments in behavior, the formation of a negative attitude towards religious extremism, terrorism, the cultivation of a sense of responsibility, the formation of public consciousness and civic position of young people.

Abdiyev Sapargali Akimbekovich, Chief Specialist of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Akimat of Kostanay Region, gave a lecture on the danger of religious extremism and terrorism. The conversation was attended by the head of the college’s security service Zhukov Alexey Sergeevich, by the deputy director of educational work  Dusekeeva Lyudmila Kabdulaevna, by the head of information and explanatory group Baigentov Baurzhan Bulatovich and the students of the ХП-11, ЭБ-13 groups, 50 students.


The information was prepared by the teacher of social sciences,

B. B. Baigentov

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