New approaches in the field of management system certification

In the higher college, a quality management system was introduced, aimed at continuous improvement of the educational process. The changing requirements in the field of technical regulation and management systems determine changes in the educational space. The relevance of new approaches in the field of certification of management systems, the impact on competitiveness, strategic management in new international standards and many other topics were presented at a national seminar organized by the Kostanay branch of “KazInSt” on the basis of M. Dulatov Kostanay Engineering and Economic University. Head of the Center for Standardization “KazInSt” Tskhay E.V. and the head of the management compliance authority of LLP “Capital Center for Quality and Metrology” Bulatova E.S., who provided information about the new ISO standards in the field of management systems, the national standardization system. According to the results of the seminar, technical studies were conducted with internal auditors of the higher college.

Information prepared by A. Segizbayeva

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