Museum as a form of gathering and understanding of human experience by students

The museum as a form of gathering and understanding by students of human experience, as a thread connecting generations, is a very promising area of ​​educational work.

If a student feels included in a tradition rooted in the past and stretching into the future, he will look at many of his deeds and actions more seriously. After all, of all this, then there will be a trace in the museum. The results of his efforts will someday attract the attention of future generations of students.

This connecting link of generations in college are members of the circle «Тарих беттері» – students who are now working to create a video about the history museum, replenish the book of labor glory, conduct tours, participate in the creation of college history projects.

The college history museum can be for students not only a form of preserving the past, but also a space for creating a living present. Guided tours, search results, family stories and memories can push children to take a fresh look at themselves and their student life.

                                                 Information prepared by B. B. Baigentov

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