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December 14, 2018 teachers of technical disciplines held a vocational guidance meeting with students of the gymnasium school number 18 in Kostanay.

The demonstration presentation of the work of equipment in the specialty “Engineering Technology” was organized by teachers Iskakov KE, Shtanko Yu.F., Alseitov K.S. The pupils saw how the machines for processing parts work, familiarized themselves with the principle of contactless welding. The teacher Kakimbek Islambek and 2nd year students- mechanics held a master class for schoolchildren in the form of a competition, during which our guests got acquainted with the vehicle parts and carried out a mock-up assembly.

In the laboratory, teachers Sagandykova Zh.B., Mukhametkalieva A.T. and S. S. Izdelyueva acquainted the present guests with the perspectives of the specialty “Elevator, flour, cereals and animal feed production” and offered to participate in the determination of indicators for the assessment of grain and its products. Pupils enthusiastically conducted research with grain, during which they provided consulting support to students by technologists.

There is a museum in the college, whose activities are reflected in the exhibits and documents that students studied with interest. Information about the work of the museum was provided by a student Druskeldinova Aruzhan with the head Baigentovym B. B.

Prepared by A. Segizbaeva

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