One hundred roads and one is yours

What way to choose for your future, what specialty is in demand? Students of Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College help students to understand and decide on such far-off issues and determine their own path.

On November 7, at school number 122 in a meeting with students of the 9th grade student of 4 courses Ostapenko Nikita shared his opinion and advice in choosing his future profession. The guys listened with interest to his story about the language internship, which he held in Antalya. The trip to Antalya was made possible thanks to the international cooperation that is developed in our college. Lecturer Baigentov Baurzhan told about the history of the college, about the prospects, about the places of practice and employment.

On November 8, a 3rd year student Asylbek Tulepov met with students of 9th grade school number 9 after G.Kayyrbekov, where he graduated 3 years ago. Asylbek told about student life, about what knowledge he gained while studying from professional teachers, what perspectives the specialty of electrical mechanics, which he is studying, gives. College teacher of information technology Sagumbaev Marat familiarized children with the subtleties of the profession of a programmer, the relevance of this specialty.

At the end of the meeting, the students were presented with advertising booklets and invitations to visit our college.


Prepared by A. Segizbaeva

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