From a work practice to successful employment

During the period from September 3 to November 17, 2018 students of specialty “Baking, Macaroni and Confectionery Production” were at the vocational training on the basis of social partners of college.

Students passed an induction and a personnel safety notification in a workplace, learned to prepare the main and additional raw materials, to mix, make cutting and formation of different types of the dough, to bake and pack bakery products.

For excellent professional knowledge, responsibility and hard work, some students received letters of thanks and invitations to work: Kipkalov Victor, Lukashonok Aleksandra, Imenalinova Nazgul from Kostanay Trade LLP, Zelentsova Marina from IE Eleusizova S. Sh., Krikpenova Karina from IE Zhakasheva A. G., Zakarlyukina Elena from IE Lopatina.

The enterprises expressed confidence in further successful cooperation with the Kostanay polytechnical highest college.

Practice manager Matviyenko Yu.V.

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