Interaction in career guidance

In order to get a sought-after profession, you must have an excellent store of knowledge that will provide prestigious education and sought-after profession. In his message of 10/05/2018, the head of our Republic identified that one of the assigned tasks is better requirement for the quality of training in schools. “Already in the middle it is important for the school to conduct the professional orientation of children to the most popular specialties”. Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College works closely with schools in our region, conducting vocational activities for students. As a result of the analysis of applicants to higher college on a competitive basis on budget training, favorites have been identified. To the number of schools of the city, whose graduates showed high results in admission to the highest College include school-gymnasium №3, school №4, school №5 . named after B.Momyshuly, Secondary School №9 named after G. Kayyrbekov, Secondary School №11, Secondary School №16, school-gymnasium №18, Secondary School №22; Secondary School №23 named after M. Kozybaev. Administration of the Higher College decided to give these schools thanks letters for the high-quality training of graduates. We are sure that graduates of these schools, and now our students by receiving demanded specialty will ensure the growth of wealth and quality of life!

Prepared by A. Segizbaeva

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