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In Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College, great attention is paid to the issues of vocational guidance of schoolchildren.

College teachers met with pupils of school № 23 in order to help broaden their understanding of various professions, provide information about the real needs of the labor market, and about the success of the profession. Tulegenov Yerkebulan, graduate of this school, having received an education in the specialty “Computing equipment and software”, not only teaches students to IT technologies, but  also he is an expert in the competencies of “Web Design”!

Chairman of the CMC Kusainova Dinara informed about the conditions of admission, training, opportunities for advanced training and language internships in foreign educational centers.

Shakirova Leysan, a teacher of social sciences and humanities, told about student activities held in college.

Schoolchildren asked questions about the subjects that must be passed on admission, preparatory courses, scholarships. Our teachers provided comprehensive answers to all the questions and handed out to each student promotional leaflets containing information about the specialties for which the college prepares.

Prepared by A. Segizbaeva

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