Career guidance lessons

Vocational guidance lessons were held in school 115. Second year students  met with students in 9th grade to provide information about their college. Iskadiev Ali and Abikenova Nazik told about their specialty. They are well aware of the prospects of the future profession and share their opinions with their peers. The schoolchildren were interested in information about the events held in the college, about which Esimzhanova Tolganai and Ismagulova Raushangul told. The fact that  the part of the educational process takes place on the production the children learned from Katpaeva Asia.

In november career guidance tests pass in college to familiarize students with professions. Teacher Utemissova Rosa invited pupils to college to use the opportunity to practice in different roles in order to get an idea of what professions there are. By taking part in professional tests, students will be able to determine what most attracts them in their future profession.

Pupils were interested in questions about the work of clubs, sports clubs, free education, the amount of scholarships, about learning difficulties, what are the requirements and conditions in the college. All questions were given comprehensive answers. At the end of the meeting, all students received promotional brochures about the college.

Prepared by A. Segizbaeva

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