About college at firsthand.

Teachers and students of Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College came to visit schoolchildren of secondary school No. 2.

Svetlana Kunitsyna, head of the department, told about the specialties that can be mastered in college. Huge prospects open up for students and graduates of the college because they have the knowledge that they are taught by highly professional teachers, such as Kontrabaeva Zhanat, who was awarded the Asyl Ustaz medal. Students told how they study, how they live, what they do. Along with the educational life, our students are engaged in circle work. Live communication between schoolchildren and students turned out to be more interesting than adult lectures. Students Sandybayeva Dana and Volosyuk Olesya spoke about the activities of the club “Zhas Ulan”, about the volunteer movement in college. The Altai Magauya programmer is a member of the Miras dance ensemble. Schoolchildren were interested in questions of future employment, scholarships, whether there are sports sections in the college. At the end of the meeting, the children were shown a video about the college and distributed brochures about college specialties.

Prepared by A. Segizbaeva

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