It is necessary to think today.

Here comes the new academic year, at the end of which the students of graduation classes will have to be determined with the profession. Each graduate must be responsive to the choice of his future. The sooner the students receive a qualified consultation about the sought-after specialties, the more accurate and clear their purpose will be in choosing a profession. Teachers of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College are taking care of graduates to achieve their goal, conducting career-oriented work.

Teachers of the Higher College Beksultanova Alma and Baigentov Baurzhan at a meeting with the children of the 9th grade of B.Momyshli Secondary School No. 5 explained that we should seriously start thinking now about who they want to be, how to test themselves and their abilities, in which industry to apply their intellect and skills.

And when talking with the pupils of the 9th grades of the secondary school No. 11, teachers Aspandiyarova Gulnara and Garpenko Natalia told not only about the market of popular professions, but also about the possibility of improving their qualifications abroad. The children were interested in a new direction in engineering. Specialists of this industry are currently preparing in our college.

The children heard information about the achievements of students, for example, at this time a graduate of the Higher College Davydov Alexander represents Kazakhstan in web design at the EuroSkills Championship!

Students asked questions about scholarships, free meals, sports life of students, which subjects should be prepared for admission to the budget, will there be open days and many others.

On the college’s website, in the ACCEPTANCE COMMISSION menu, there is an ANNOUNCEMENT tab for applicants, which contains information for schoolchildren.

Prepared by A.Segizbaev

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