Choosing the future today

In modern conditions there is a huge choice of specialties and young people are not entirely clear to what they want to choose. How can they decide what’s going to be their future profession today, and what directions should they choose in the future? At the meeting with students of 9th grades of secondary school No. 3. Kostanay  Irina Ryadinskaya Irina and Matvienko Yuliya who are teachers of Polytechnic Higher College told about the specialties of the college. They provided an opportunity to determine the direction of future activities, inviting to the master classes, told about what qualities are needed in this or that profession.

Choosing our college, students will not only receive a diploma of education, but, after completing the course of additional education, they will receive a working profession. Within the walls of our college there are professionals who will not only teach the basics of the profession, but also help to disclose intellectual, creative and personal potential.

Prepared by A.Segizbaeva

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