Volunteers of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College conducted an action “Get a move on to do good deeds”

“I must do everything necessary to increase the amount of good in the world.”

Every year a homemaker gets out of the mezzanine clothes and shoes for the season and sort already unnecessary things out – those that are no longer in fashion, models that are small, unnecessary clothes. Where do these things usually go? Usually old clothes and toys are in garbage cans, or they are in bags laying for a few months on the balcony, hoping to find new owners? In fact, there is only one good way – to give unnecessary things to those who need them!

Volunteers of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College in the framework of the project “Making the World Good” conducted a social action «Get a move on to do good deeds”.

The purpose of the action was to provide support to needy children. It was aimed at collecting warm clothes, shoes, school supplies and children’s toys for families in a difficult life-threatening situation.

As a result of the action, it was possible to collect warm clothes and gifts for 15 children.

The action is designed to teach young people to share their warmth with those who are in a difficult life-threatening situation.

Such useful activity prepares adolescents for the subsequent civil activity; they acquire social experience, the ability to independently plan, to take responsibility for themselves. Making good deeds, Students learn to cooperate with both peers and adults.

This action united students, parents and teachers together.

The information was prepared by the teacher-organizer Pushkareva A.V.

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