VI Plenum of the Kostanay City Council of Veterans

On April 20, 2018, students of the TG-21 group of the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College engaged in the military-patriotic circle «Young-Guard». They took part in the Plenum of the City Council of Veterans on the topic: «On the joint work of the city Council of Veterans and Education Department of the akimat of Kostanay on the military-patriotic education of students in the framework of the program «Spiritual revival» and «Motherland»».

This event was held based on the Battle Glory Museum of the Secondary School №4 of the city of Kostanay, where participants of the Great Patriotic War, leaders of military patriotic clubs and their pupils were invited.

The event began with a sightseeing tour of the Battle Glory Museum. Then the participants of the meeting were the chairperson of the Kostanay City Council of Veterans Kharyakov Yu.A. and the head of the education department of the akimat of the city of Kostanay Shegenova Sh.I., the director of the secondary school №4 Kazhiyakbarov B.K., the head of the military-industrial complex «Kaisar» Baderin A.A. and the participant of the Great Patriotic War Podolyakov M.I.

Such meetings are needed primarily for the younger generation. They bring up the youth a sense of patriotism, pride in their country, respect and veneration of veterans; form the image of a true patriot, defender of the Motherland.


The article was prepared by Fatkhudinov R.R.

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