The curatorial hour “True or false friendship”

On April 4, 2018 – an open curatorial hour “True and imaginary friendship”  was held at the Kostanai Polytechnic College of Higher Education in groups TЗ-20, TП-17, ЭС-9, Э-9.

The purpose of the event was to reveal the phenomenon of “friendship” as a form of interpersonal relations, to discuss the role of friendship in life, to develop rules that help to maintain friendship, develop creative and discussion skills.

The curatorial hour began with a conversation about friendship, the relations that should be between comrades and classmates. Students talked real friendship and rules of friendship.

During the exercise “cotton” the students were shown on what the action of informal associations is based.

During the curatorial hour, videos about friendship and mercy were shown.

The guys gave pieces of advice to their classmates how to act in the current non-standard situation. They expressed their point of view, gave examples from life.

The fascinating exercise “Wreck” clearly showed that the guys will immediately help a friend in a difficult moment.

The event contributed to the formation of good relations between children in the classroom, the consolidation of the classroom.

In conclusion, it was said that our college is a family. And I would like, that in our family kindness, respect, love and mutual understanding always reigned.

The information was prepared by the teacher of special disciplines Matvienko Yu.V.

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