Start of Bookcrossing

The action Bookcrossing has started in the library of the college. It is a popular worldwide movement of the “traveling book”, which is gaining momentum in our country.

What kind of movement is this? Bookcrossing appeared in the early 2000s in the United States of America and gradually conquered the whole world. Today, people not only transfer books from hand to hand, but also send them by mail from one country to another. The probability that the book will return to its former owner, is small. But this is not the most important thing. Do a good deed and make others happy. But maybe, and you will also get a new interesting work: a historical novel, a collection of poems or a detective …

Bookcrossing changes people’s attitudes toward reading and books.

The process consists of the simplest action based on the principle of “read – give to another”. People leave their books so that anyone can read them. All books left are free. Bookcrossing is a way to give books a second life, and thus save a few trees.

We invite you to participate in our action. If there is an interesting publication in your bag that you have already read, safely put it on the bookshelf “Bookcrossing” in the reading room of the library, and then new readers will appear. You can take any book from our shelf, and after reading, give it to your friends and acquaintances. You can also bring your books to the library to participate in bookcrossing.

The article was prepared by the head of the library-Terentyeva N.N.

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