Snowflakes in June

… Poetry, I do not know what

Your mean, why we need you,

But people are crying over the verse,

The excitement of the embrace …


In a creative atmosphere of the conference hall of the Regional Universal Scientific Library named after L. Tolstoy Kostanay author, Sarsenbai Niyazbaev, presented his first personal collection of poems “Snowflakes in June”.  Participants of the literary circle “Literary Springs” and Amantaeva S.K. visited the presentation of the collection of poems.

If a person in his manifestations is original, unique, it is easy to distinguish him from all others. People say about such person: this is a bright individuality. These words can be attributed to Sarsenbai Niyazbaev.

He illuminates the souls of friends, acquaintances and completely unfamiliar people who happened to be with him in a certain period. The author has his own destiny, his life experience, and he sees the world in different senses, painting it with different colors.

As part of the presentation, Sarsenbai Niyazbayev talked about himself, how he was seized by the muse of creativity in his arms, and when the first step was taken on the way to poetry, and after that he read the poems from his first personal compilation “Snowflakes in June”.

The information was prepared by the teacher of philological disciplines Amantaeva S.K.

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