A sport competition was held dedicated to the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan

On April 18, a competition was held on the sport ground of the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College, dedicated to the Day of Unity of Kazakhstan, people living under a single shanyrak, among college students on national sports. The sports competition, which brought together peace and harmony, was conducted on the initiative of the Committee on Youth Affairs and Physical Education teachers. On the national sport “Tug of war”, 3rd prize-winning place was taken by TP-21 group, 2nd place – E-6 and finally, 1st place – TP-18 group. On the national sport – “Rider on the horse”, in the third place group TP-17, for 2nd – group E-7, in the 1-st place – group TP-18. 3rd  place in the game kind of sport “Caterpillar” was occupied by the group of TP-18, 2nd place – TP-17, 1st place – group E-6. In the national sport – “Playing in alchiki”, the third place was taken by the group TG-20, the second place by the group BB-13 and the 1st place by the group E-6.

Information prepared by the Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs D.Bekov

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