March 14, 2018 in Kostanay polytechnic higher college held competitions dedicated to the celebration of «Наурыз мейрамы».

The competition program included such types as darts, arm wrestling, weight lifting and «Арқан тарту».

All participants received an extraordinary charge of vivacity and good mood. In the game of darts was attended by two people from the group, regardless of gender of the participant. In the end, the most accurate was Dosymov Manarbek (team УЭС-8), then Drobinov Stanislav (group УЭС-11) and 3rd place at Kasymkhanov Alisher (group УЭС-8).

In weight lifting the strongest represented the group. 1st place Sarkesian Arsen (group Э-7), 2nd place Ustulina Daniyar (team УЭС-11) and 3rd place at Kazimbay Alisher (СТ-3).

In the next form of force – both boys and girls attended arm-wrestling.

Following the competition, a landslide victory was won by the party of group Э-7 Urazov Adil, followed by a student of the same group Basaev Maksat and closed the top three winners of the student of group Э-8 Appazov Rahat. The girls place was distributed as follows: 1st place, with a clear advantage at Matsukevitch Regina (СТ-3), 2nd place student group УЭС-8 Bosshinova Damira and 3rd have a student group CТ-3 Shartakbayeva Madina.

Especially spectacular views became «Арқан тарту». Nobody wanted to lose the victory in several hard fights, the gold was won by group M-1, the silver group, ЭС-7, bronze the group of УЭС-8.

All participants received an extraordinary charge of vivacity and cheerful mood before the spring holiday “Nauryz”.

The article was prepared by the Chairman of CMС Shcherbakov V. V.

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