“Sniper frontier”

February 4, 2018 on the basis of the Kostanay Building College hosted the championship of bullet shooting from pneumatic weapons among military-patriotic clubs of Kostanay region, dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the 26th anniversary of the creation of the Armed Forces.

7 military patriotic clubs took part in this event, including students of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College from the military industrial complex “Zhas-Ulan”. According to the regulations, the team consisted of 4 people (boys) and 4 people (girls) who were not older than 2000, and 4 (young men) in 1999 and older. They are students of the groups KhP-9, KhP-13, TZ-21, ES-9, M-1, TP-15.

The objectives of the event were: the education of Kazakhstan’s patriotism, the preparation of young men for service in the Armed Forces, the development of military-applied sports, a review of the military-patriotic and military sports clubs of the Kostanay region.

The guys competed in shooting from an air rifle.

As a result of the tournament, the team of girls was awarded with the diploma for the 3rd place, the team of young men (the senior group) was awarded with the diploma for the third place and in the individual classification the student of the M-1 group Bitaev Alisher was awarded a diploma and a medal for the third place.

The article was prepared by the teachers of the CWP: Fatkhudinov R.R. Nurkanov M.K.

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