Regional vocational orientation Olympiad

To increase the level of awareness of students about the specialties in the college and to provide opportunities for everyone who wants to test their knowledge in a certain area, in the conditions of competition in the Kostanay Polytechnic College, a regional vocational guidance Olympiad for pupils of 9th grades of schools of the region was held.

324 pupils from 23 schools of the region took part in the Olympiad, of which 132 participants in the state and 192 in Russian.

The Olympiad was held on the basis of the Regulations, which determined the goals, status and objectives of the subject Olympiad in the college, the procedure for conducting it and summing up the results. In accordance with the Program of the Olympiad, participants after registration were distributed among the classrooms for the performance of assignments for the declared subjects. Before completing assignments in mathematics before the participants, teachers of special disciplines conducted presentations of specialties.

Of particular interest were the presentations presented by the teachers E.Tulegenov, V.Nuzhin, R.Utemisova, R.Shingelbayeva. The participants who completed the chemistry tasks visited the training laboratory “Bakery” where they were informed by the teachers O. Broze and I.Ryadinskaya about the future specialty of the technologist. Participants who were interested in the profession related to the grain industry chose biology assignments. After completing assignments with them, a study tour was conducted in the laboratory 102 specialties 1216000 “Elevator, flour, cereals and feed mill production.” Presentations on the specialty were presented by the teachers A.Mukhametkalieva and S.Izdelyueva.

All the participants of the Olympiad received advertising booklets of specialties, which are being prepared in the college. The pupils of the schools visited the museum, acquainted with the history of the college the head of the museum Yu. Matvienko. At the end of the Olympiad the department of educational work under the direction of L.Dyusekeeva and D.Bekova organized a concert for the guests.

The winners of the Olympiad were awarded with diplomas. All participants of the Olympiad were awarded certificates. Certificates were awarded to school teachers who prepared the participants.

Information was prepared by A.Segizbaeva

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