On February 8, 2018, a meeting was held at the Kostanay Higher Polytechnic College of dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the withdrawal of a separate contingent of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

At the event were invited soldiers-Afghans Shaimuhanov Saken Sakievich, Zhubanyshev Muratbek Ermekovich, Kharchenko Anatoly Nikolayevich.

The purpose of this meeting is the formation of students’ knowledge of participation in the war in Afghanistan of our soldiers and officers, their exploits, the upbringing of patriotism and the feeling of comradeship.

For students of the ES-9, E-9, M-5, M-6, E-8 groups, a very interesting and informative conversation was conducted, which helped to understand and see what the Afghan warriors were during the war, how, thanks to their bravery and courage, a victory was won in the battles.

As well as the library’s director Natalia Terentyeva, held a book exhibition.

The subject of this exhibition: “Afghanistan is the burden of choice.” The students listened with pleasure, examined books, magazines, and asked questions with curiosity.

Such meetings are one of the directions of military-patriotic education of students in the spirit of patriotism, love for the Motherland, respect for the elders and patriotic education of the younger generation.

The article was prepared by the teachers of the BMT: Fatkhudinov R.R., Nurkanov M.K.

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