“Excursion to the military unit”

On February 16, 2018, the Republican action “Open Doors Day” was held on the basis of the military unit of 6697 in Kostanay. Students of the Kostanay Polytechnic Higher College attended the event. They are students of groups M-3 and Э-7 in the number of 40 people.

The purpose of this event is military-patriotic education of youth, propagation of urgent military service, increase of prestige and image of the Armed Forces, popularization of the image of the Kazakh serviceman.

During the excursion the young men were shown the alley of Glory and told about the heroes of the national guard. On the parade ground, mock-ups of weapons and military equipment on the territory of the military unit were demonstrated. Then the students visited the barracks, where they got acquainted with the internal routine and life of the servicemen, and also visited the cynological campus. And at the end of the excursion cadets of the Petropavlovsk higher military institute conducted career guidance work for admission to this educational institution.

The guys were very pleased and thanked the servicemen of the unit for an interesting excursion.

Such meetings are needed primarily for the younger generation. They educate young people a sense of patriotism, pride in their country, form the image of a true patriot, defender of the Motherland.

The article was prepared by teachers of the basic military training Fatkhudinov R.R., Nurkanov M.K.

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