“The holiday is coming”

Each of us wants to believe in a miracle on the eve of holidays. Of course, we already know that all our “orders” will be performed by the family not by Father Frost. But, unfortunately, not everyone has a family.

On December 30, volunteers from the Kostanay polytechnic higher college ” Мейірімді жүрек ” gave joy to the children of the Kostanay Region Orphanage, held a New Year tree.

The setting of the New Year tree “Sinister New Year” performed by volunteers dipped all the children in the atmosphere of this holiday. Actors play the game, the skills of the theatrical craft were highly appreciated by the children. A rich program of the holiday from fascinating contests, incendiary songs and dances touched the guys. The children were congratulated by Father Frost and Snow Maiden, who presented them with sweet gifts.

 At the end of the event, in gratitude for the holiday volunteers gave children a bridge made with their own hands made of paper.

 The information was prepared by the teacher-organizer Pushkareva A.V.

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